The Treasured Pathway: Topics and Interests of Solveig Overby

Article 9 Society

Article 9 Society - Charles Overby

People's Guide to the Vermont Legislature

People's Guide to the Vermont Legislature

CCV Class: Programming for the Internet (CPS250)

Quiz 1

Question 1 - Sales Tax Calculator
Question 4 - Slide Show of selected images from New Zealand

Quiz 2

Question 1 - Setting a Cookie
Question 3 - Sample Order Form

Experiments with Perl CGI Programming

Testing Form Elements and Environment Variables

Quiz 3

Question 1 - Sample CGI Order Form
Question 3 - Alphabetize Words

Final Exam

Short programming: Testing for a file
Long programming Ver.1: Metric to English Conversion Tool
Long programming Ver.2: Metric to English/English to Metric Conversion Tool
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